The Perils of being Self Employed!

Hi Everyone,

Yes – I went off radar for a while so that I had half a chance of catching up with the backlog.  The demand for help to learn to cycle for children or adults, to learn more road craft as a cyclist, or to just have fun on a bike, is growing and here in Oxfordshire we are seriously lacking in professional help.  I have received funding from Bicester Healthy Town to train up a new instructor BUT I CAN’T FIND ONE!!  If you’re at all interested, I’m more than happy to chat.  In the meantime…….I have managed to injure my back!  Docs say around six weeks to sort so I can’t see me out there on two wheels until the New Year.

So, for those that need roadcraft training, I can only suggest the wonderful Broken Spoke Co-op in Oxford. For those that need to learn how to ride….call me. I’m happy to advise or be patient and get in touch in the New Year!!

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