Children’s Lessons

It’s surprising how children can give their parents such a difficult time when being told to do something! Many parents find their children react completely differently with cycle instruction on a more formal basis.  And, I have a few tricks up my sleeve!  Mums and Dads often find it difficult to get their child off  stabilisers and onto two wheels.  They probably will fall off, but they’re not likely to really hurt themselves.  So, let me handle it and then you can blame it all on me.  (I am first aid trained – and hopefully, you’ll be close-by).


Perhaps you have an older child who missed out on Cycling Proficiency and/or Bikeability during year 5 or 6 and now wants to cycle to school?  I can deliver Bikeability Levels 1, 2 and 3 with badges and certificates.  It’s possible that some funding may be available from your local authority.  Individual lessons, or small groups are all possible.  Get in touch for a chat.


“Wow, L can pretty much cycle as of this morning, with a few wobbles here and there and sometimes needing a push to get going!  Amazing!  We and he are very proud!!”

Hi Lyn
Thanks very much for helping Daniel with his cycling this morning. He responded really well to you and he did incredibly well. 
Daniel wanted to show his Dad his bike skills this afternoon, so we decided to go back to Crowthorne. He cycled using the pedals down the hill and then before we left he cycled all the way round the car park area. Wow – we were so surprised!


And for the really little ones………………….take a look at my Balanceability page.