Adult Lessons

Even if you are a complete beginner with balance problems, you will be surprised at your own achievements after just a few hours of cycle training with a patient, encouraging, motivating tutor.

The National Standard Cycle training roughly follows the Bikeability format. However, to give you a general idea of what we will cover during our lesson together:

Starting Out – Level One

If you never learnt to cycle, help is at hand! I will get you cycling.  I will help you with balance and control within a traffic free space.  You can either have a one to one session so that you can really concentrate on mastering the basics, but if you prefer to learn in a group then this can be arranged with friends, family or colleagues.

Level One is suitable for: Complete beginners : Cyclists lacking in confidence : poor balance:a cyclist who wishes to learn more about their bike : cyclists wishing to complete a road journey for the first time.

Building Confidence – Level Two

If you’ve recently rediscovered your enthusiasm for cycling and would appreciate some hints and tips on how to make safe on-road journeys, a few lessons will help you refresh your skills and provide you with the confidence needed to tackle the harder parts of your journeys.  Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to focus on.

Level Two is suitable for: Trainees who have completed Level 1 or a pre-course assessment to demonstrate current skills : trainees who are comfortable with basic

Advanced Skills – Level Three

There are also options for confident and experienced cyclists.  I can help you hone your skills to cycle with confidence on roads with more traffic or more complex road layouts.  Maybe I can help with route planning as there may be alternatives you weren’t aware of.

Level Three is suitable for: Trainees that have completed Level 2 or a pre-course assessment : trainees who are comfortable on quieter roads and are now ready to use busier roads tackling more complex junctions.

Lesson Format

I have had great success with adults who have never cycled, those returning to cycling after many years away, those who need help with confidence on today’s roads, some who have had recent knee or hip operations and want to cycle just for exercise.  Whatever your requirement, your lessons will be tailored to suit.

I will start with a quick chat on the telephone to establish your requirements, then we’ll book a time and place for your assessment lesson.  I will always endeavour to teach in your own local area.  The assessment lesson will be approximately 90 minutes during which time we’ll do lots of talking! We’ll ride too, starting off-road in a traffic free environment.  Then we’ll discuss where to go from there.