It’s that time of year!..

The cycling season has begun. I have had a totally mad week this week. For OCC, a cycling test in Standlake, preceded by an assessment of a young lady that was struggling.

Then, 3 days at Kingham Primary for their Bikeability course. Heavy going! 3 sessions per day after a long drive. Fantastic kids and we had brilliant fun. Unfortunately limited riding in a small village.

So to the weekend……Adult Cycling course organised by Healthy Bicester disappointingly only had one sign up but we had a brilliant time! Then followed by a 1:1 session with a young man with a hyper-mobility joint complication. He was going so well when Mum came to collect and he enjoyed every minute!!

Knackered now……..and that’s how it’s looking even before Easter which is traditionally the ‘kick off’ point for me. Me thinks it’s gonna be a manic year. Bring it on…………….

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