Here Comes 2013!

Yes, I’m a little apprehensive.  My posts toward the end of last year became few and far between, but only because I got so busy, time was just such a premium.

I know the website isn’t quite working properly at the moment.  I’m nagging ‘those that can’ to sort me.  Please let me know where you’ve had problems, then, apart from my list, they can start on everyone else’s!!

I’m actually a little…ohh whats the word… Nervous…Cautious….Panicked….incredibly excited…..etc about this year.  Cycling has really taken off in so many ways.  Thank you, all of you wonderful Olympians for your spectacular riding and brilliant results and all of you wonderful cyclists who have helped promote life on two wheels.  The result is so many more of you want to get involved!  You want to introduce or re-introduce yourselves to two wheels – well done!!!  So many enquiries, I’m frantically trying to plan my diary already and I know this is going to be a manic year. BUT THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!  No, I can’t quite offer anyone the skills of Victoria or Sarah et al, but I know I can help you with some everyday cycling advice, road skills, confidence. Go on….. you know you want to!

One thought on “Here Comes 2013!

  • marcus gilbert

    Hello dearest… your website is now fixed (well all except the latest tweets section, which is proving to be a bit naughty). Added a search website feature, and sorted out your events calendar – so pretty useful stuff I’d say. x

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