Breeze Rides

British Cycling have an ambition to get more women on bikes, so they set up a separate arm called Breeze.  These are women only cycle rides led by trained ride leaders (Breeze Champions).  The rides are of varying length and ability, but are all about having a chat with new friends and finishing with coffee and cake!

I am a Breeze Champion, and I’m gradually getting a few routes sorted to invite you lovely ladies to enjoy with me. Please keep your eye on my calendar page to see when I have the next one booked in.  Or, have a look at:

I have recently been so busy with Cycling lessons and my OCC work that Breeze has slipped a bit, however, I have every intention of putting some rides on soon so please keep watching.  Our facebook page will also list rides from other ride leaders in the county:

Just register, and go along to the start point where you will be welcomed.

Best of all – it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!!