Blonde Moment

Yes, I had a Blonde Moment today.  So cringing and embarrassing.

Ok, I’l tell you.  But only you,and you have to promise absolutely that you won’t ever tell anyone else.  Particularly my husband.  And understand that I’m only telling you in an effort to save you from the same fate.

Had a Bikeability booking at a small village school mid-Berks today.  A school I had never previously been to, with an instructor I had never worked with before, so, planned ahead, arrived early, parked on street.

Opened hatch, removed detached front wheel and placed against car on pavement side.  Hauled out bike and also leant against car.   At this point I decided to check parking restrictions (single yellow line) only to find that all okay but no parking between 2.30 and 3.30 pm.  This was 12.45, but I knew I wouldn’t be back before 2.30 so decided to park elsewhere.  Chuck bike back in, didn’t bother to secure as usual.  Climbed in, started and drove down the road.  Re-parked.  Opened hatch started to haul out bike……..ooooops, where is front wheel?  Nuts……left it down the road.  Chuck bike back in, drive down road and see wheel half on, half off pavement. Just know someone is going to drive over it any minute!  Can’t get there due to traffic so have to drive past, do a mad Uturn then get back.  Jump out of car, pick up wheel, thankfully undamaged, and drive on.  Parking space now gone, do another mad U turn and back to almost where I started, but in a non-restricted zone.  Start again…..

I so hope no-one was watching.  Not a good Friday.


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