A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sam age 7.  Mum had managed to get hold of a 2nd hand Isla bike – gold dust!!  Pedals had been removed as instructed.  He could touch the ground both sides with flat feet and he could reach the brakes with ease.  Fantastic start!!  He was away so quickly and so stable I actually ended up going through Bikeability Level One with him!  Brilliant little rider, no stress or tears and I can honestly say the bike made all the difference.  Invest a little more please parents.  Don’t go for the kit bikes from supermarkets or the little pink ones with baskets and rock hard slippery saddles that weigh an absolute tonne. And definitely don’t go near stabilisers!!  Also, be aware…… that bike that fitted perfectly for learning is quite likely to be too small once they’re actually cycling!  But if you invested in a decent bike initially, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling it on.