New Job!

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m now employed by Oxfordshire County Council to deliver Bikeability and assist with their own Cycle Training Scheme. It’s great to be back in schools working with Years 5 & 6 children. Really looking forward to the rest of this year. I’m only part time, so [...]

Buying Children’s Bikes for Christmas? Get it Right!

I know many of you will be thinking of buying your child a bike for Christmas.  Without knowing what you’re doing, you can walk into a minefield of heavy, poorly built cheap and nasty bikes that will deteriorate rapidly and end up in the skip.  Be prepared to spend a little bit more for a bike that [...]

Voicemail Failure!

Hi to anyone checking in…… My most sincere apologies if you have called my mobile and left a message then not had any reply.  Not my fault – honest!!  As I am currently offering the cycling lessons on a part time basis, whilst juggling with my other job,  I had taken and saved a few voicemails with [...]

Size really does matter! (when you’re learning to cycle).

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sam age 7.  Mum had managed to get hold of a 2nd hand Isla bike – gold dust!!  Pedals had been removed as instructed.  He could touch the ground both sides with flat feet and he could reach the brakes with ease.  Fantastic start!!  He was away so [...]

Note to Self

What a Banana I am.  I’ve only gone and booked next week to go and visit a friend in Suffolk.  So many enquiries this week for Ditch the Stabilisers, Learn to Ride and Bikeability.  Children and adults all dusting off the cobwebs and despairing at the rust and flat tyres. Nervously anticipating [...]


Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful 2015 clients.  From little people off of stabilisers to old guys venturing onto two wheels for the first time and mums wanting to keep up with their kids!! May you all have a wonderful Christmas and much jolly cycling in 2016!!

Bicester Bike Day

I really enjoyed meeting lots of local people at last Sunday’s (19th July) Bicester Bike Day. It was one of the first events I went to when we moved here last year so I was delighted to see it had moved venue, and was much better attended.  I think this event will grow year on year and hopefully [...]


More Breeze rides listed.  I can’t say I’m finding it easy coaxing these Bicester ladies out of their comfort zone, but I will not give up!

YES!!! New Breeze Taster Rides

Really delighted for two reasons: 1.  I have listed three new ‘taster’ Breeze Rides for Bicester.  I’ve still got to find the right advertising places so I’m expecting these ones to be quiet but they will go a long way to help getting Breeze Oxfordshire established.  Check out the new local FB page [...]

Getting There…….slowly!

I really am slowly beginning to find my way around Bicester and surrounding areas.  I know I moved in July, but I really didn’t anticipate how long it takes to settle into a new house. Then Christmas pounced on me with no warning whatsoever!  But….things are slowly starting to bubble now so please [...]
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