Spring may be very late, but…….

I’m still overwhelmed at the enquiries I get at this time of year.  Children and adults.  Learn to Ride, Bikeability, Confidence building.  It’s so heartening to learn that many of you are still willing to get out there, and that you’re encouraging your children to do the same. I’m getting booked, [...]

Aaahh…stabilizers…..DO NOT USE!!

Teaching your child to cycle?  Then please read this article which I agree with wholeheartedly.  Stabilizers will only delay your child’s progress, make them more nervous, cost you unnecessary [...]

All fixed……..!

Hooray!  Back in cycling condition.  Trying to catch up with my back-log of phone calls and emails.  Please get in touch again if I haven’t managed to get back to you.

Bicycle Security

Here’s a useful article for those that need to leave their bikes locked up:   https://www.directline.com/home-cover/how-to-prevent-your-bike-from-being-stolen

The Perils of being Self Employed!

Hi Everyone, Yes – I went off radar for a while so that I had half a chance of catching up with the backlog.  The demand for help to learn to cycle for children or adults, to learn more road craft as a cyclist, or to just have fun on a bike, is growing and here in Oxfordshire we are seriously [...]

Cyclelyn is taking a break!

Stepping away for a while……

Bicester Bike Day

Bicester Bike Day tomorrow (8th July) on Pingle Field.  Please come and say hello.  Lots to see and do.  I’m there with my ‘Breeze’ hat on but please feel free to chat to my about anything cycling related.  Especially if you are a beginner, returner.  

Busier than Ever!!!!

I just felt the need to throw out a quick apology to those that have emailed me and not had an immediate reply. My days (all of them!) are pretty busy at the moment.  It’s the time when schools want their children trained or tested and parents want to prepare children for the summer holidays – and [...]

Bikeability Level 3

Had a fantastic opportunity to assist http://windrushbikeproject.uk with a Level 3 session from Henry Box school in Witney.  Windrush really know their stuff.  Get in touch if you have any questions ranging from bike maintenance to all sorts of cycling education.  

New Job!

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m now employed by Oxfordshire County Council to deliver Bikeability and assist with their own Cycle Training Scheme. It’s great to be back in schools working with Years 5 & 6 children. Really looking forward to the rest of this year. I’m only part time, so [...]
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