Recent years have seen a boom in popularity for cycling in the UK and it’s important that nobody’s left behind! I provide a range of cycle tuition courses; not just for children, but for everybody.  Young, old, ancient, novice, wobbler, revisiter, confidence doubter etc.  There’s no-one out there that should be scared of two wheels.  We will help, and in the very unlikely event that we can’t, we’ll find someone that can.

In my own little way, I hope to encourage everyone, regardless of age and ability, to get riding.  I could rattle on for ages listing the benefits of being on two wheels: good for your health, reduces stress, assists weight loss, better for your pocket, easy to park, great for the environment but, most of all: it’s fun!!

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Dust off the cobwebs, grease that chain, tighten the screws and join me.

I hope this website helps you discover or re-discover the joys of cycling. Whatever your experience or ability,  we’re here to help

Lyn Gilbert

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